Bil Mitchell warrants, to the original owner only, this Bil Mitchell guitar from any defects in materials and craftsmanship as follows. For as long as you own this instrument, we will repair or replace any defective parts including bridges, necks, fret boards, braces and defective wood on the guitar body at no charge. At our option, we may choose to replace a component of the guitar instead of repair it. Certain repairs may be visible. Warranty repairs, including parts replacement, will be made using our current procedures and components at no charge to you. All warranty services must be provided exclusively by us at our location. All shipping and insurance costs are the responsibility of the owner. Proof of original ownership is necessary and may be provided by your completed Bil Mitchell warranty registration already in our custody, or a copy of the original receipt of purchase, including purchase location and date.
Bil Mitchell's warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the instrument nor seasonal and periodic action and truss rod adjustments. Items such as strings, frets, tuning hardware, bridges, nuts, saddles, bridge plates, fret and fret board wear, pick guards and finishes are subject to normal wear and tear, or will require adjustments, and are not considered defects and will not be covered under this warranty. This warranty does not cover damage incurred during shipment, accidents in transit or act of God, abuse, misuse, repairs not performed by us, damage due to loose end pins or strap buttons and failure to follow printed care instructions. Damage caused by lack of humidity, excess humidity, and extreme hot or cold temperature will not be covered. Damage caused by accessories such as, but not limited to, straps, capos, improper use of humidifiers, cables, hangers, sound hole pickups, picks or stands will not be covered. Rapid changes in temperature or exposure to cold may cause finish checking, and this damage is not covered under warranty. Finish damage caused by exposure to cleaning solvents, perfumes, hand lotions, insect repellents, silicone products, sweat and other external substances will not be covered. Additional insurance coverage for excessive value of the guitar should be carried by you at your own expense. If damage or destruction of your instrument occurs while in our custody, our liability will be limited to replacement of the instrument with a new instrument in the same style or model. Damage incurred by improper packaging for shipment by the owner, or damage done by the shipping service will not be covered and additional shipping insurance should be purchased by the owner to cover replacement costs in this event.